Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a member of an NPHC organization? Recruitment and membership intake for the organizations of the National Pan-Hellenic Council may vary differently between each of the Divine Nine organizations. However all those interested must complete the NPHC Leadership Course. Those who are interested in learning more about these Divine Nine Fraternities and Sororities are encouraged to research the history of each organization, visit their National website, learn of their respective membership requirements, and develop a relationship with the chapter members of your organizational interest. To any extent beyond that, membership recruitment and intake is under full coordination of the specific chapter and their national organization. However, all membership intake processes must be conducted by a chapter that is both active with its national organization and recognized by The Ohio State University.

    How much does it cost? The cost to join an NPHC organization varies from organization to organization, and the fees are subject to change at any time. Because these organization exist under a national umbrella, a significant portion of the funds go to the National organization, required conferences and conventions, local chapter dues, and other various items that may be needed for the membership intake process. Talk to the members of the organizations if you would like a better idea of how much they might cost.

    What are the requirements to become a member? The requirements vary from organizations to organization. Sorority and Fraternity Life require students to have a least a 2.5 GPA and completed 12 credit hours. Along with completing the NPHC Leadership course. Some organizations requirements are higher than those. It also helps to have prior leadership experience, and community service.. It is also recommended that you attend the organizations programs and service projects to get to know them better.

    If I am a legacy member, meaning my parents or close family members were a member of NPHC, am I automatically in?       Being a legacy of any Greek organization does not automatically guarantee membership in any organization. Some organizations have special sections on membership intake paperwork where you can indicate whether you are a legacy or not, while others do not have policies regarding legacies.

    Do I have to be African-American to join? No. The NPHC, and each of its member organizations have non-discriminatory policies and practices. They are also actively involved in activities and programs designed to eradicate bias and discrimination in all phases of life. The formation of an NPHC council ensures that the philosophies of affiliate member organizations are maintained. It is important and highly recommended that NPHC councils seek to influence other organizations through its programming and activities. 

    Why should I join NPHC? You should join an NPHC organization if you are interested in a historically significant organization dedicated to serving their community and continuing education. These organizations each have something that makes them special and it is up to you to find which one fits you best. Joining an NPHC represented organization is joining a brotherhood/sisterhood for life and is a lifetime commitment to serving the surrounding communities.

    Does NPHC step? Some NPHC organizations do step, however stepping and strolling is a small portion of what we do, and should not be a major consideration when considering joining an organization.